Friday, May 15, 2009

23rd May 2009

I’m waiting for this particular day. The day where is my life now free from view of my messy table. My brain clean from the formulas of varies subjects. 3 papers to go! I’m planning to leave Tronoh on that night. Purposely for the sake to maximize the holiday period. I heard my brother got an offer to pursuit IB diploma in KM Seremban. But, I think, better pursuit here. Like me :)


  1. en shafiq sygggg... y post tergangtung? x sabar tggu 23 because of habis exam or excited to see me... hehehe

    eyh wait.. y march? is it typing error?

  2. opss.. sory
    x pasan ada.. font dye warna hitam.

    erm. sampaikan salam congrates to adik
    pandai like abg dye... :)

  3. tak kesah..hahah...shafiq,sori a..haha